Lost Fuchsia: Royal Standard
Lost Fuchsias / 02/05/2018

This week’s lost fuchsia is ‘Royal Standard‘, which was introduced in 1877 and we are hoping that our fuchsia detectives will help us to find more information about this historic cultivar. Description: Current Status: Believed lost to cultivation Year of Introduction: 1877 Flower Type: Single Tube Colour: Bright Red Sepals Colour: Bright Red Corolla Colour: Plum Purple Foliage Colour: Green   Additional Clues on where this cultivar has previously been listed to help our detectives: B. S. Williams Catalogue, 1878 H. Cannell Catalogue, 1882 ‘Fine strong growing plant, one of the best for large plants’ Laings Catalogue, 1890 Gardeners Chronicle, 1877 The Floral Magazine, 1877 Gardeners Oracle ‘Selection’, 1880-1881 We are hoping that our fuchsia detectives will find some information about this historic cultivar, through historical resources, such as the ‘Gardeners’ Chronicle‘ and nursery catalogues, if any of our detectives are living in Europe they could consult their own country’s historical journals, as we know James Lye’s fuchsias have appeared in German publications such as ‘Garten Zeitung‘. Any information you can share with us (however small) will help us and other fuchsia detectives in the search.