Unusual Raffle Prize – Stergene!!
Pest and Diseases / 17/04/2018

At the end of March I was invited to the Wessex Fuchsia Group to talk about James Lye and his Fuchsias. This is the most local specialist fuchsia group to where James lived and worked. On the raffle table I spotted a small bottle of Stergene… This appeared to be an unusual item compared with the usual array of plants and other gifts that members had brought in. I asked some of the members what Stergene has to do with fuchsias, I was informed it helped with controlling Whitefly. The solution ratio mentioned was one teaspoon to a litre of water as a spray. It isn’t systemic, but it does kill them on contact. One member said that they sprayed once a week, from below, on the fuchsia plants they keep in their greenhouse, making sure they sprayed on the underside of the leaves, where usually you will find the heaviest infestations. As we all know Fuchsias are susceptible to several pests including Whitefly, Greenfly, Red Spider Mite, Capsid Bugs, and Vine Weevil. There are several insecticides on the market which will help you keep these under control safely if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For those growers who are…

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